What’s your favourite picture of all time? Could you post it and talk about why it’s so special to you?

After receiving this question I started going threw my folders and looking at pictures. I have to admit that I guess I don’t really play favourites when comes to pictures cause no specific picture came to my mind right away. I though of the pictures from my engagement party, pictures from this summer, pictures from trips and pictures of my siblings. All of those pictures are very personal to me and they represent happy memories. In that way they are all my favourite. But then I started thinking of the few projects I have made during the year and came across these pictures. So yeah I had to choose two.

These pictures are from a little serie where I photographed immigrants in Finland. My point was to have them photographed in clothes that would represent their culture and country they originally come from.  It was my very first project and I remember being very excited about it. I think that’s one reason that makes these pictures special.

The first picture is of Sabah. I love how her personality really stands out in this picture. She’s so kind but still very proud of herself. An independent Somali lady :) The picture might not be the best technically but we had fun while shooting. I brought two LED lamps outside and they were bright enough to light her lovely dress and face. She was wearing a black hijab that’s why it almost looks like her face is flowing in the air but I kinda liked the effect of that too. People were staring at us though. I guess you don’t see that scene everyday. 

Second picture is from my friend Arez’s mother and her husband. They are from both Kurdistan in Irak. What makes this picture special was that I went to their house for a day to hang out with Arez’s mum before her husband came home from work. She had made dolma specially for me and we spent the day speaking Arabic and giggling. She dressed me up in a Kurdish gown, like the one she’s wearing in the pic, and taught how to dance their traditional dance. When her husband came home he put some Kurdish men’s wear on (I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of it) and sat on the sofa next to her wife ready to get his picture taken. They were trying to do a serious pose but they both kept on bursting to laughter which I though was so adorable. Seriously, they were so cute.

So that’s the reason these two pictures are, if not favourite, then at least very special ones to me. I also think they go nicely together :)

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