Something you should know about me.

So my name is Dora. And yea i guess i explore the world a lot. I’m 23 years old, Muslima and in love.

Quick intro. I was born in Finland in 1990. My Finnish mother and Tunisian father had been together for many years before they had me, but when i was three years old they filed for divorce. I think it was better that way. They come from two, completely different worlds. 18 years of my life i lived with my mom. I didn’t believe in any religion and i didn’t trust no men. I had a love/hate relationship with Tunisia and Arab culture. I was pretty lost with myself. But thank God i grew wiser.

My personality

I’m impulsive, lively and impatient. When i decide to do something i will do it. I love my friends, i make jokes, i hate fighting and i get anxious with the world easily. I’m not ambitious with a career, instead i want a husbad, house and kids. Can’t wait to have that.

My looks

I’m 1,71m tall. I have green/light brownish eyes (i guess), brown hair and pretty light skin. I get sunburned easily.

My family

I love my mom who raised me she’s my idol. My dad is remarried with a Tunisian woman, my stepmom. We get along most of the time. I also have three adorable siblings Amir (11yo), Emna (6yo) and Fares (4yo). I’m sure you will spot them on my blog, precious kids. My husband Khaled recently moved to Finland. We got married in January 2013.

My education/work

I graduated from high-school and went to work to my dad’s firm as a secretary. The job was not me at all, so I thought it was time to start studying something I feel passioned about, photography. At the moment I’m at my last year doing photography studies and should be graduating soon. I also started studying Art education at Uni.

My passions

My religion is my passion. I love everything about it. I’m also obsessed with photography (my camera is Canon Eos Mark II) and languages. I speak fluent Finnish, Arabic and English. I’ve also studied Swedish for 8 years and French a bit longer than that. I love travelling, meeting different people, hearing different stories. I’m interested in politics, but i would never want to be a politician. 

Well i guess that’s about it :) If you want to know more, you will find it on my blog!